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Royal Blue
2 40%
2 40%
1 20%
Navy Blue
0 0%
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The Bridge.
She describes the bridge that spans the nothing,
the sea,
that lies between two countries.
They are at war.
Forever and always,
each fighting to control more of the bridge than the other.
Every battle is so long, so bloody,
they say that it must never happen again.
But it does,
and the soldiers throw their dead off the bridge,
and watch them sink, slowly,
as they disappear into the depths.
Her eyes light up as she talks,
and I have a sudden vision,
of the waters under the bridge filling with corpses,
until the sea is made up only of the dead.
Bodies spill over on to the battlefields,
fill the grey enptiness of no mans land,
and the soldiers have nowhere to lay their fallen.
The wars would be at an end, surely ?
I clear my head with a shake,
look back at her,
and realise that her hands have bridged the sea between us.
A lone cold finger touches my face.


I saw some sand lying on a concrete path today,
Miles from any place that sand would or could be,
It got me thinking,
Why in the hell was sand all the way over here,
This path had to be a good 10 or maybe 15 miles away from any beach,
It made no sense,
Then I started thinking,
Could it have been from a long haired surfer dude,
Who decided to **** the car and walk back himself,
Board over his head,
Impressing all the girls he walked by with his muscles and sand-ridden hair,
His thoughts not on them, but on the next time he could go out and catch that one...perfect...wave,
Maybe it was here where he finally decided to brush the sand off,
Now that he's back in society there was no need for it,
Could it have been from a little kids pail,
One that he filled up with sand in hopes that he could build a castle when he got back home,
A great castle with a terrible yet merciful king who ruled with an iron palm for high-fives,
And served ice cream to all the knights that rode on puppy dogs,
His parents might have seen the pail and told him to drop the sand,
There was no use for a castle here, in society,
I think once more,
Who could this sand possibly belong too for I seriously doubt there is a roving sand elf that sprinkles this dust of refined dreams onto the paths that we walk on,
There is a chance that it belonged to someone famous,
Someone sad,
Someone who just won the lottery,
Someone who got a bad, but not too bad, sunburn,
A cancer patient, a big Hollywood executive,
A bum that lives on the street, but lives more than we ever could,
A Christian, A Jew, A black, A white, A Latino,
An anyone,
This sand belonged to someone,
And then I look up, caught off guard from my wonderings as a man walks by with a broom,
He sweeps up the sand that could have for maybe one moment only, belonged to the love of your life,
And throws it in his trash bag,
And continues walking down the street,
Unaware of the dreams he carries with him.

obsession pt. 1

it was like a scene from a movie. the light
of a universe exploding mirrored in her eyes,
and she spoke a surrender so faintly that
if i hadn’t been completely lost in her
i might have missed it. but i didn’t, and as
each word echoed through me like a dream i
tore out my heart and gave it to her. as i
watched her take it with trembling fingertips,
i could have sworn i saw a solitary tear fall
from her cheek, then, as each beat signified
the coming end, she whispered…
i love you.

obsession pt. 2

i fell. and as each second turned into an

'New and Improved':

'You make me angry, the way you strive for perfection,
The way you're more than human,
The way you make me feel less,
I couldn't hate you any more if I tried,
I have a feeling you'll impress me again tomorrow,
You'll impress upon me your brilliance, your grace,
Your overbearing ability to overcome others,
Over and over again,
You are the second coming, we are your disciples,
Save me; I know who you are underneath the gloss,

What you keep under your floorboards, in your closet,
The dirty secret that you keep in your top pocket,
The one just waiting to fall out when I trip you up tomorrow,

Tomorrow, tomorrow won't be so perfect,
Because I'm taking you down with me,
Kiss the world goodbye tonight,
Think you're bullet-proof?
You're not always right.'
O Hai der.
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The royal blue one has powerful imagery, but it doesn't make as much of a statement as it could have. The red one has a nice thematic message, but it has too many grammatical mistakes. The black one doesn't really say all that much. The navy blue one connects with me on so many levels, though its poetic merit falls short of its thematic power.

I suppose I'll go with the blue.
Re-titled this to something less...aggressive.

TheThingKills, if you have any trouble setting this up, feel free to message my through profiles and I'll help you up. In case you didn't know, please put up all parts of round 1 at the same time, (1A, 1B, 1C if needed). Thank you
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Surely it must be...

Haha how subtle of you
Love is not a victory march.
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Haha how subtle of you

Haha I didn't even notice that, I just meant that surely the black piece is cut short!

love is a dog from hell.

zomg. what the hell?

my entire poem was like cut off...

that sucks.

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