Im after any one of those listed.

A whammy pedal
or a 6 Band EQ.

I have a Graphic Fuzz and a Vintage Rayder Chorus pedal to trade.

Or i can buy.

I dont care how old or heavily used any of them are, as long as they work.
i have a whammy wh-4. pretty good condition, jusa few bits o paint missin nothing big, couple of mm's at most.

message me with an offer if ur interested.



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For Sale/Trade:

ESP Ltd MV-200
Fallen Angel 40DSP
I have a Dunlop Crybaby Wah like new in original box.
Only lightly used at home on carpet.

I also have a DOD RP100a still in original box.

DOD VGS50 multi-effects with WAH and internal tube.

Let me know and I can send pics

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