howdy there UG gear builders. Me and a friend of mine are interested in building our own guitars, but we're not all that nerdy about the inner workings of the guitar. so we've found a guy who'd be able to build what we want as long as we provide a body. so my question is: i want to build a body out of sheet metal, because i can weld good and im good with forming metal. is this a practical material or no? and my friend is all about light weight, so what would be the lightest material available to build a guitar with? thanks for your input.
Sheet metal? Are you nuts? Your tone would sound like a tornado of dying llamas.
Don't let people keep you from trying it if you want. There is some company that makes metal guitars exclusively, and from what i understand their pretty good. If you really want to then go for it, theres got to be a way to make a good guitar out of metal.
Your tone will be very trebly, so you'll probably need to do some EQing to stop the sound from piercing your eardrums. But if you want it, go for it. It'll be unique, at least.
Sheet metal? Its worth a try...i mean RKS has plastic guitars so anythings possible...
but it would be hollow? wouldn't the large chunks of metal cost quite a bit more than wood?

but i dont think it would sound too good...
try basswood if you want light...maybe a chambered basswood body..
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