Hey dudes, i really love Van Halen but a lot of their songs are damn hard!! Ill try to learn more in the future, but for now this is my try of their classic HOT FOR TEACHER, it needs vocals so anyone that wants to try them, PLEASE DO IT!! The solo is very hard and im very lazy to try to learn it note by note so i kind of improvised a bit
Tell me what you think:


Thanks for listening!"
i dig it man, solo was pretty cool too
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Dude, you freaking nailed it. Very nice playing man. And the solo was very nice. Great job all-around.
Wow, good job the solo sounded incredible, it had a really nice tone also. Good job!
sweet i like it a lot. nice playing
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one of the best cover i heard. Nice tone! The solo was pretty good for improvisation.
9,5/10. Good job!!
that was very, very good....how long have you been playing guitar? nice work, that was sweet
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this is brown sound. i totally dig. the solo is awesome. u always have good stuff.
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Sounds great man. I just saw the Van Halen reunion tour last night and it was beyond words...
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that was amazing! how did you get that amazing clean tone? are you using an effect or some reverb