Can you give your opinions on these amps? I need a small practice amp, and I want to get the best quality/tone/versatility for my money. Also, if there is something better out there for less than $150 can you recommend it? I play a Squier Strat and would prefer something that can give me the best blues sound. Thanks,

Fender 25r Frontman

Crate FW15R

Line 6 Spider III 15
They are all bad sounding crap. Its a little over but for $200 you can get a 5 watt tube combo new that will be exponentially superior. Other than that I really like the Peavey Transtube series solid state amps. More tubey than other ss amps, very rugged, good sound. You can get one in your price range that will be fine for practice and small jam sessions.
i agree, practice amps sound like crap, they are not good for anything except... practicing on. If you want a practice amp that is just gonna be something small and you aren't really gonna try to play with others with it then get anything cheap, i have a first act i bought at wal-mart for 40 bucks, i think target has some cheapies too. if you actually want something that sounds good then spend an extra 60 bucks and get one of those 5W Valve juniors or Palomino v8's everyone talks about. but i just don't really beleive there is a better sounding practice amp out there, they all sound pretty horrible, but my first act gets me around just as well as any cheapo ibanez, fender, or kustom practice amp for less than half the price.
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I haven't tried the new Crates so I can't comment, though I can say I dislike the other two options. They sound fake and bland. The Fender is useless IMO unless you crank the EQ and Gain to 10. I would give the Peavey Transtube a look. The Valve Junior isn't bad, but you need a good OD to go with it, which is at least another $50.