Basicly the title, whats your view. It has its good points but i personally dont like it. My Ibanez has one, the only problem with it is you have to fiddle with it alot, you have to have it perfectly level or it goes out of tune constantly, which means fiddling with the springs in the back of the guitar. Also if you play in various tunning and switch tunning all the time then you have to do the springs every time making it impractical. But i can see why people use it.
Anyway whats you view?
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I love my Floyd (original.) It doesn't go out of tune no matter how much you use it. If you change tunings avoid it. If you play in standard and you set it up correctly Original Floyds are great.
I find they just get in the way personally. Not really a whammy bar fan...the locking system is handy for gigs though
I have a good Schaller LFR, an Ibanez Lo-Pro and an Ibanez original Edge.

These are all fine trems in terms of quality, but I'm planning to install a tremol-no on all of them and leave them blocked.

I used to love trems, but the longer I've had them, the more I want them blocked. The few cool things you can do with them don't really outweigh the problems commonly associated with floating bridges (although, to be fair, Michael Lee Firkins can do some awesome stuff with his trem).
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I notice you've got a Gio series Ibanez though and I assume the trem on that is even worse than the infamous edge 3 on the normal RG series. You might find a nicer Floyd Rose has better tuning stability. The point about changing tunings is a slight inconvenience for some I'll admit.
I like the ability to use a trem, but floyds aren't worth the hassle. Maybe if one day I'm famous(stranger things have happened) I'd have a personal guitar tech to take care of it(he could live in my gold plated guitar room), but till then I think a tremol-no would be a godsend..
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I'm not a huge Floyd user, but I like to have them as long as they're well made. I can't stand cheapy Floyds anymore.
It all depends on which Floyd you get.
Good Floyds+
Bad Floyds------------------------------------------------------------------etc, etc.
A good Floyd that is properly set up will stay in tune forever.
± is what I say to Floyd-Rose. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. To quote Dave_Mc, If you use it, great, if you don't, its more of an annoyance.
Just a random question in an attempt to hijack this thread. How long would an OFR last say a moderate user?
For those who care.
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I have one. Its a lot of fun. A lot of cool things to do with it.
Keeps you in tune longer.

But then again changing tunings takes a bit longer.
I'm not talking about going from e standard to drop d, Thats not really a problem. More like e standard to c standard.

But then again its pretty cool to work on your own guitar and learn something about the mechanics of it. Might take a while but its fun because in the end you can say you know how to setup a floyd rose.
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Sustain has always been a big deal for me. FR's should have less sustain...So...Yeah. I might actually get a 550 soon though. It's too sexy to pass up.
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I can't really say that I use mine much, but I'm a huge fan of the tuning stability. I play a lot and at worst I'll have to adjust two strings (very slightly) a week, though I generally replace my strings every three to four weeks (more often if I'm in a situation where I gig frequently). It stays in tune better than any hardtail I've ever had.
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