It has always been my dream to be able to play an instrument myself and enjoy the sounds that i will be producing. Hence, i've been playing classical guitar for almost a yr and is doing well. However, before i chose to take the guitar route, there were 2 choices; guitar and piano/keyboard. In the end, i chose guitar.

Recently, i began to listen to some piano pieces and they sounds very well, very soothing.. this lead me to the thinking of taking piano/keyboard courses.

Should i start taking piano or keyboard course?

From what i think
-I am not going to give up playing the guitar halfway and i wanna be good at playing it.
-Being able to play the piano or keyboard is 1 of my teenage dream.
-i am almost 20 now and i am afraid if i dont take piano/keyboard lesson soon, i might have difficulties picking up in the future.
-I dun have much time daily due to work and sch commitment but i am able to fork out an hour or two or more time for my guitar practice. Hence, i am afraid that i wont have time for 2 instruments at the same time.

I've came to a conclusion that i should stick to playing and mastering the guitar.. Guys, what do you think? what will you do if you were me?
If it were me I would stick with one untill I got pretty good at it. Because when you learn all the basics of music theory and how music is made up picking up the other insturment should be that big of a task. Thats just how I would go about it, if it were me.
just try it, get a cheap keyboard and see where it takes you

learning theory will help you with guitar