Anyone ever tried to use a Modified Marshall MS-4 as a guitar Preamp?

Just curious as could be an intresting mod
I Love Oreos, And im English =D
Tried it now, Lesson learned =p
I Love Oreos, And im English =D
yeah man, but dont feel bad i thought it would work too. you just gotta remember, a litte $50 battery powered amp isnt going to improve your tone. but thats how you learn
Just don't bother with those amps. I tried the fender tweed mini-amp, the cleans were nice but it had almost no headroom at all and when it distorted, it just sounded like a car driving up a gravel path with the exhaust pipe dragging along the ground at a certain frequency. no tone it was just pure grit (and a rhyming word sums it up too). And i thought i'd hear no worse than marshall MG distortion at low gain...
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