My band is named Sons of Leo we play Rock/Classic Rock/Metal we basically play whatever we feel like writing and we entered the Bodog Battle of the bands.

We would just like some honest feedback and if you like us or think we are good you could always vote for us

And if there are somethings wrong like a few mess ups on a few of the recordings. Sorry, we recorded a 12 Track CD in less than 5 Hours, we didn't have much money.


and if you want to hear more than that one song you can come here.


Thanks for checking us out!

- James
--- My Gear ---
Amp Head: Peavey XXX
Cabinet: Peavey XXX
Guitars: ESP F200, Gibson Les Paul Special, Schecter Hellraiser Avenger w/ Dimarzio D-Activators
Effects: Vox Tone Lab SE, Boss Guitar EQ

the music is realy good.

im not such a fan of the vocals, i think those are bad.

but the intruments are very nice.

sorry. not trying to be a jerk, just being honest.
I have a box full of voices, but they all sound the same.
I thought that it was a bit sloppily played, the performance does get better through the song though.

I liked the vocals though, they were very good.

The mix doesn't help, it's killed the guitars, which if given the care they deserve, would sound very nice indeed. A fine solo is barely audible. Did you use the neck pickup for it?

I can't hear the bass at all, it has zero presence, and lacks that all important 100Hz boost and the little midrange peak that tends to make bass sound good.

While I think it's unlikely that you guys will win, it's a very solid effort and you should make it past quite a few rounds.
you guys sound straight out of a an 80's set bar, I get you like classic rock, but does it have to sound exactly like all your influences?
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god