i reeli wnna build a guitar, basically the guitar of my dreams.

there are 3 choices, (remember this is my first build) and i need it to be easy(ish)

1. Jackson RR5 copy

2. Les Paul copy

3.gibson sg copy

i made sure to put copy cos i mite change the designs slightly.

what ever help you can give me would be greatly appreciated and i will update this wen i have made my choice.

now then vote people
none at all this wud be my first build and i rekon sg wud be cool, and dude good luck on ur tele hope it goes well
The SG for sure. Unless youre an experienced woodworker already i wouldnt suggest the carved top. And the RR5 has got that goofy tailpiece and is neck through.
RR5 would be easier if you build it bolt on neck, Its much easier to create for a first time woodworker as its all straight lines.
SG is my second choice, Because youd have a hard time sorting out your horns and curves for a first-timer unless youve got a natural skill at woodworking, again, a bolt on neck.

hope that helps
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cheers dude that helps but i am ble to do woodwork and have done alot but i thought it was time to do a guitar so sg or rr5 peeps help me please
rr5 for me
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If you think SG, Then build an SG =P
I Love Oreos, And im English =D
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i have wood work experience but never a guitar so woteva i rekon g

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sorry meant sg there

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need some more votes here

im really about to report you for triple post in a 30 min span... its a forum. not a chatroom. if ur thread don't look interesting, not many people post there.

and for "rebuilding", how far would u rebuild it? only cosmetic changes? or some hardware/electronics changes also?

EDIT: nvm. u want to build a guitar. SGs should be easy because the flat body. might wanna to a bolt-on neck so u can replace it with something else later for ur taste. LPs might be hard, if ur gonna do the carved top and not the flat top boring LP.
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do the rr5, looks way easier to build. btw, you gona put a bolt-on, set or just make it a neck-thru?
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Id say do something completely different than anything anyone else has built (says the guy whos building a RR, how origional) maybe a firebird... classic and beautiful and not overdone. If you dont I may because that sounds nice.