More people than you can imagine.
<Dobzilla> because "when you were born, they thought yo' momma shit herself."
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You, because you're a tool.

If I had that sort of money kickin' around, I would straight away.
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How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
hmmm its expensive because its limited, you could sell your brain cells for double that helmet
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*Points to Above Poster*

Best. Username. Ever.

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I wish I was gay...

PSN- td_rules Steam- tdrules

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I like my women how I like my wine, 12 years old and locked in my basement.

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Some old lady asked me if my electric guitar was a bass. It clearly has Six strings.

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I would, id shoot people and go "THATS STAR WARS JUSTICE BITCH!"

Lmao good reason but its not even like its cheap, its £299.99, i mean you could get alot of things with that money
Manchester United
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I don't even think his forehead would fit in that helmet.

flickr you might
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Oranges are actually a revolution though - they're the next step from Rectos IMO.
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More people than you can imagine.


There's a lot of weird people out there.
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