Hey guys, I'm gonna be gettin me an Ibanez RG pretty soon, I was just wondering, should I be given a hard case with the guitar, or will I have to buy one?

It probably depends on the store but I'm just gonna see what you guys have to say

Thanks for any replies in advance!

I dunno which ibanez your getting, but if it costs enough and your at a GC center, you could say something like... alright ill pay full price but only if you throw in a case or something like that
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If its a prestige model i think you get it free
Not sure about lower models, but it's pretty pricy
Quote by kyrreca
If you buy a Prestige model, you'll get a case. If not, you won't.

Okey doke...thanks dudes!

^ Chee you'll have to buy one seperately, although there are 2 versions, one with prestige in the printing on the side of it, the other without
Not sure if it effects prices or the presitge one is limited to that
But they're not the most discreet cases ever b any stretch, solid and good protection though