hey guys, i'm a solo home musician at the moment and made this song a few weeks ago. its still in its demo phase so i can change a few parts if i want, specifically making better solos. the middle might get muddy and staticy if your speakers are poor (like mine). i'm still learning the basics of proper recording, mixing, leveling and all that fun stuff. personally i think it sounds much better with headphone monitors. everything was played by me and some of the leads were improvised. let me know what you think, its in my profile!
Im loving the clean parts, i think the beginning goes very well with the bass, and gives it quite an eerie tone. I started to get a little anxious at the distortion parts, but i think that was mainly due to the bad sound quality. My suggestions are to get better recording equipment, and then it will be a pretty good song.

crit mine if you have the time?