you find another version of the same pedal
i pretty much decided on a BYOC screamer, when i ran into this.

i definitely want a DIY tube screamer, but which one ?
this one ?
or this one ? (i don't get what the toggle switch dexactly does, is it an interesting option ?)
or even a different one ?

i don't care about the price, i just want the BEST tube screamer out there (which means very high quality parts and simply the best sound)

thanks alot guys
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Sourcing the parts yourself would give you the best options in terms of materials, and may well be cheaper, too.
Have you build pedals before? Do you have some knowledge in the field of electronics?

If yes to both or the second, then buy a PCB from BYOC, an enclosure from PedalPartsPlus, and source the parts from Mouser.com. It's cheaper and you can get hella-high quality parts from Mouser on the cheap.

If no to both, then buy the BYOC kit as it comes with a bunch of extra components that you can play around with.
In the Oven:

18 Watt!
i'm a complete beginner when it comes to pedal building and electronics...
but my dad does know a fair bit of that.
i'd be best with a BYOC i guess, for starting out ?
Well, the GGG kits are very nice, too.
Check it in their project pages to see what you can do with the base kit. All of their mods are do-able on their PCB layout.

I assume the toggle is included for the multiple mods you can do with their kit. Probably to bypass the clipping diodes to make it a clean mid boost kind of pedal.