i was looking for a good pedal,but i didnt know which one to get i thought about getting boss mt2 or the uber metal pedal or boss mega distortion pedal i wanted to be able to get that good ac/dc's back in black sound and a nirvana sound and iron man sound
The Mega Distortion is ok. The Turbo Distortion is better. The Sovtek Big Muff is best.
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IMO, all boss distortion pedals are just crap.
If you're lookning for an ACDC/Sabbath sound why in gods name are you looking at "Teh Metalzrz" pedals?
Much better off with some kind of subtle OD like a tubescreamer or marshall governer, etc. etc. or better yet, a good amp overdrive.
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In other words, don;t get a Boss Distortion. PRO CO Rats are good as are a few of the previous suggestions
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I'd save your money and put it towards a decent amp.
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