Really damn, whats good around that price range?

Whats a good site with reviews cause I always have a hard time finding reviews.

Btw I also play bass and was wondering if I can somehow rig my bass amp to play the electric acoustic on it.
And yeah, the Dean would sound crap, but look good.
Quite a few of those guitars will also come as acoustic electrics for a bit more money.

Oh, and why exactly do you want an acoustic electric? In this price range, in order to include the pickup they will skimp on mroe important things like wood and build quality. If you actually need to be able to plug it in then your best bet is to buy one of the guitars in fsb ben's list and then spend 50-100 on a soundhole pickup or some other sort of aftermarket pickup. Your more likely to get a decent guitar for playing unplugged and a decent pickup for playing plugged in that way.

But If you still must, for whatever reason, whether it be cos you want it, cos you want a cutaway or cos you actaully need to plug it in and dont want to do it the way i suggested above then here are my suggestions:
Alvarez AD60SC - Good quality guitar, decent pickup, soudns good unplugged, comes with a natural finish or in black if thats what floats your boat.
Or something from takamine, just make sure its a solid top.
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Oh I want a acoustic electric because I play base in a band and after a while we want to do some acoustic songs and when we do these live im going to give my base to the gutarist who also plays base and im going to do acoustic(this will happen later on but I want to be prepared I guess)
Fair enough. Both my recomendations stand, but the aftermarket pickup one will probably set oyu in better stead as you can buy the best guitar you can afford now, and then when you need to plug in, buy the pest pikcup you can afford