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Rainbow Paper Penny Saver

Born another stain into
the ignorance of Summer's bliss,
I always find myself lapsing behind.
As fallen leaves mute the echoes
of the sinking and sunken hearts
that rid the villages of all their kids,
driving them from their businesses
of tree-house monopolies and
cardboard cars, then dropping
them into scholastic arms.
A buck for a bushel sends you
straight to the top. That's
the lesson Autumn brings,
and that's the hope
that drives us all.

The Heart of an Oak

The heart of the oak,
Seventeen years grown,
Beats quickly in my hands,
And with each subtle convulsion,
Trickles out streams of deep green:

“Remember when you clung to my body, tight,
Safe from the natural order of things
That were trying to blow you off the globe.”
“Remember when you clung to your lucky four-leaf lover, tight,
Under my limbs, and
Kissed each other under the cover of my color.”
“Remember when you kissed me”
and kissed me and kissed me and kissed me and—

I throw it
As if I were setting a butterfly free,
The throbbing arcs skyward,
To flutter by into the neighbors yard,
Into that one spot outside of the new borne baby’s room.

And the heart of the oak,
Still fresh from it’s womb,
Beats into the ground,
The beats resound,
And the beats resound.

My, isn’t rebirth beautiful,
Cocoons pumping
Until their green streams
Grow to rivers, then to lakes
Then surges upward
Into the heart of an Oak.

Samuel Adam's October Fest

I drank myself dry in corner
And I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.
She was sex, slander, wine, candles,
I’d **** her on the table if she’d let me.
She didn’t like roses, or chocolate,
She was the hard to get or couldn’t get
Her legs were bronze and slender, ass, tits,
But you couldn’t chase only catch.
I asked for another Sam Adams October Fest
And she walked over to me, hips back and forth.
We were in the hotel in ten minutes.
Words weren’t necessary and wouldn’t help me
Cut her open any faster.
I wanted more, I wanted to see everything
And with her last gasp of breath she said,
“I f you didn’t have your eyes you could feel better”
I never felt more before.
O Hai der.
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