Hi all, after been persuaded by a friend to attempt a solo piece, i decided to give it a go and here are the results. The sound i tried to go for was a Brian Eno meets Joe Satriani type of thing, with the concept behind the song being someone floating through space towards the earth and seeing stars, planets etc. flying by (sounds cheesy maybe but thats as best i can sum it up)

C4C applies
Earthbound (reunion) GP4.zip
Dude, this is awesome! I really enjoyed listening to it, it has that dreamy tune. IMO you should make another section in the middle of the song, together with drums, and the guitar playing more rhytm thing, than just soloing. The piano is a little bit too repetitive, but meh, don't change it, it fits there perfectly.

Good job!

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that is prolly the most amazing piano + guitar ive ever heard. The delay effect really makes the guitar sound perfect. I usually don't listen to that kind of music but this song is begging to be listened :P I think the only thing this song could use is a middle part with the piano playing something fantastic

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