well after much searching i couldnt find a thread that showed me how to install one, so i just decided to make a thread asking for help. i called my local luthier and he said it would be 3-400 bux to install one. thats waaaay outta my price range. i thought maybe i could do it myself, but then realized i have no idea what im gonna do. i was gonna buy a kahler hybrid tremolo bridge for like 195 or something. so does anybody know how to install a tremolo bridge into a bass??? please please please give advice or any input. thanks
as far as i know, it involves routing out the space on the guitar, but i've never done it so i don't really know.
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Use some kind of tremolo tailpiece, They just screw in.
use the awesomo power of the internet to search for em
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gibson maestro vibrolas like on the angus young signature SG will just snap on to the end of ur guitar and ta da u have a trem.
Yea but he's talking about a bass...the amount of tension on a bass its much larger then on a guitar and not as fully distributed...there is a bass that already has a trem on it...its been on the musicians friend stupid deal at least 3 times this year...As for the kahler, yeal its less routing but routing is still routing and not only are you taking wood off your bass (which changes tone unless you have some kind of really active bass pups and preamps) but youll also have to refinish it. plus if you screw up theres no do-overs.
i heard stanley clarke modified a bigsby vibrato to fit on his bass. i think im just gonna go with the vibrato and hope i dont f up. thanks for everyones input.