me and my mates are in a band that play foo's, gnr, metal, basiclly owt that sounds killer but aint got a vocalist, im the only one that can sing and am the guitarist, i need sum advise on how to practise to be able to do both lead guitar and sing, and if anybody thats 14- 16 and lives in preston and plays rythm tell me lol ( fat chance relly)
well did yuo hear of the vocalist thread? theres lot of helpfull stuff there?

and um...try by playing some easy songs

and also, if you cant play the song perfectly,meaning if you havent memorized it completely so dat you can play it blindfolded or even if your head is underwater, theres little chance of being able to sing it while playing
practice. like sum ugly man said, you should be able to play anyways. watch people who do both like billy joel, curt cobain. that or find someone else
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Try playing chords while singing and work your way up to playing the lead that you need while singing. You might want to get another guitarist too if you're playing stuff such as GNR and FF (two guitar bands). Not only will it sound better, you also have some to cover you if you stuff up.
Billy Joel is a pianist.
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If you're struggling you can simplify the guitar parts during the vocals - nobody's going to notice that you didn't play a part dead on. Something as simple as missing out one instance of a chord can make things a whole lot easier.
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if you want to play lead guitar and sing it's much harder to do than rythm and singing. john frusciante, jimi hendrix, matt belllamy can all do it and i still haven't gotten it yet. its a really hard technique to learn but practise with supermassive black hole by muse- that's what i do.
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