All I remember about the songs are their videos, saw em like 3 years ago on MTV.

The first one is about two brothers, one of them starts creating a ship to go to the space and also creates a robot wich he fuks ( ), while his brother gets angry. At the end, I think the kid finishes the ship but dies on space because his brother messed with a heart that the ship needs to work right. It's a cartoon.

The second one is a cartoon too, about a woman that gets promoted several times by letting their bosses fuk her. At the end of the video, she suicides and kills her boss with a bomb attached to her belly.
those are some fucked up videos...

i have no idea though
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they wouldnt be shown on mtv. end of.
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sounds like you were watching a porn drama or something
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The answer is C)

But seriously, wouldn't have a clue.
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You've been watching violent cartoon porn...

EDIT: and you don't even know it.
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Rocket brothers- Kashmir

Can'r remember name of the other one, but it's from kashmir as well
They sound fun
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