I grow tired and weak,
Traveling’s price to pay.
Never stopping,
Only resting.
Eyes of fear watch me,
An emotion mistaken for hate.
My own fear of the town,
Attention always sharp.

An outcast I am,
Banished from my home.
No one accepts me.
This title, how it hurts.
Haunts me at night,
Memories viewed again.
How I wish them gone,
Scars not on my body, but my mind.

Pay the Inn keeper his bill and bid him farewell,
No Response.
My day is usual.
I stop at the bar,
Attempt to fill my scars, if only for a little while.
I regret nothing I do at the time,
Only what is behind me.
I’ve yet to realize that no days can be erased.

After the mortar is applied, I begin my journey again.
Lonely is my life,
The life on the road.
Dangerous as well.
I don’t know how I can bare the pain much longer,
Getting up everyday just to repeat the same process.
I must hold on,
Must believe that someone still cares,
Even if it’s just a dream.

Remember, freewrite. No scheme.

Inspired from Sonata Arctica's "Misplaced"
i guess since it is a freewrite then there can be nothing wrong with it because anything i see wrong with or dont like about it could be the way you meant it to come out so i dont really feel like i can crit this the way should be done sorry