So I went down to the local MEPS the other day to take the ASVAB, and I did better than I thought I would.

Since it's been my experience that frequent internet users tend to be of a higher caliber of intelligence, I'm wondering if there are any American UG'ers that have taken the ASVAB, and what their scores were/are!
My God, it's full of stars!
I took it about 16 years ago before I enlisted. I scored a 121. I don't know if the scoring has changed since that time but at the time if you scored over a 100 maybe 110 you were eligible for any MOS including linguist. I hope you are going in the Navy or Air Force just for safety sake. I also believe if you choose your MOS wisely you will get a better education from those two branches and greater opportunity for a civilian job after the service unless you already have college and going into a medical or similar position that will start you at E-4 and a bump to E-5 after PLDC.

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I don't understand the scoring yet, I got my scores today. My AFQT was 98. The line scores apparently are not very good though...
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Is anyone knowledgeable about line scores and AFQT. The school didn't have time to explain this to us.
As cliche and annoying as it is, go to Google or an Armed Forces forum (GoArmy.com, 1800GoGuard.com forums are your best bet probably).
I'm not signed up to post at those places and it seems that scoring has changed. I'm not sure, though. People are getting far better line scores than me, but my AFQT is a lot higher than theirs.