That's right, my band is, instead of buying a van to tour in, investing in a School Short Bus. We are getting it from another band for 1,500 bucks, and it only has 72,000 miles on it.

Anyways, we are thinking of evenually getting it converted to run off of burning grease and diesel, so I thought I would see if anyone here has any experiences with it.

Pros, Cons, Suggestions?
I really want to find a hearse for my band and do the same thing.
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ahah me and my band will go horse back, 4 horses for us, 2 more for our stuff... and a hippo for our amps
of course.... this is ultimate-guitar!! "leading innovations on gas to diesel converting short busses!.... trust the UG"

-huge sarcasm-
convert it to run off water. Yes it is possible, and has been since the 70's

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making a diesel run on vegtable oil is easy, its just getting and filtering (is used) oil thats the problem.
and i dont know in your state, but here you need another license to drive a bus
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convert it to run off water. Yes it is possible, and has been since the 70's

Well I was pretty sure there were some people on UG that might have had some experience with it, but I suppose the pit was the wrong place to go for it.

Believe it or not I have learned some pretty useful stuff here though.
As long as the driver looks like Otto you're golden.
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how could you respect a band that shows up in the retard bus? short buses are reserved for special ed kids.
Ultimate_Gio92 gets the High Five of the night award for spotting that.

There are hydrogen powered engines around. They use the H out of H2O to get you wheels spinning. Stupidly expensive however, but wonderful for the bunny rabbits.

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If it has a diesel engine already, then it can run off oil.

If not. Then no chance unless you change the engine.

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