So... I'm going to be building a guitar for a school project (not due 'till April), and I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to be building. I've already got a Gibson SG, so I'm probably going to build something more Metal/ Shred oriented with a Floyd Rose, higher output humbuckers, possibly a Flying V shape, etc. And as I'm currently unemployed, I need to give my parents a good estimate of what it'll cost to build. I've got access to what I assume is a pretty good luthier's workshop (though the guy who normally uses it builds acoustics, but whatever), and here are the things I know I already am getting:

Mahogany Body Blank (probably around $100)
Neck (not sure about this, suggestions?)
Pickups (probably around $150)
Finishing supplies (again, not sure exactly what I'll need, suggestions? probably going for a shinier metallic finish if it's not too expensive)
A licensed Floyd Rose ($100?)
And as for the wiring, I've got no idea what I'll need, so suggestions are more than welcome. And as you might've guessed, I'm trying to keep the price down as much as I can.
go to warmoth.com.. get a list of stuff ull need cuz ull need pots, and input jack, knobs. You can also just buy a body off of there already finished and ****... but not as rewarding as building one.. but yeah warmoth sells everything ull need.
WDmusic.com has some good wiring and pickups that are cheaper than Warmoth. Also Stewmac.com has some good books and other supplies ur gonna need. A 5-piece neck shouldnt cost too much to buy, but will be rather difficult to build and rout for a truss rod. Id rather buy one. WDmisc.com has some good Fender necks that u can sand down if u need it to be thinner. The Kent Armstrong or EMG passives would be good for high gain without breaking the bank. If u have enuogh money, u could get active EMGs for $200 total. Just make sure u read up on ur stuff, especially finishing before u go crazy. reranch.com for the finishing stuff btw.

A Rhodes V with the stripes on it would be awesome. Maybe something more classic like a '67 style V.