im gonna play for my schools talent show soon with a few guys and i was looking for some good songs to play.

we were going to do yyz by rush, but my brother cant play the bass part, and i cant exactly throw him out of the whole thing.

i was looking for something instrumental, but feel free to suggest other things as long as the vocals arent too hard.

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Try "Texas Flood" maybe? The bass in that is easy.
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Dethklok- Thunderhorse

do it
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Dethklok- Thunderhorse

do it

i agree. i just played that song on guitar hero 2
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I'm just saying, it would require very little practice.

Dude, there's a bazillion threads on "LOL GUIZ MY FRENDS N I R PLEYNG TALLENT SHOW, WUT SONGZ SHUD W3 PLEI?!!?!"

No offense. But come on man.
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you don't even need the vocals.
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Orion by Metallica. or Bladecatcher by Mastodon. If u want instrumentals.
If u wanna try some vocals, do no One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age. Or some other song by them.

Except do it the Buckethead live way:
Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, then lead into Post Office Buddy, and then back to Jordan for the verse and chorus again.

It's pretty fun to play and you dont have to worry about an insane solo.
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play sleepwalk, only improvise some harder guitar into it.
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Some RHCP. Lots of people know it, it's difficult enough (usually) to keep from being bored, and the vocals arn't hard if you know how to sing and play at the same time
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