is it possible to take the contour off a lp

i have a normal style lp y'know two humbuckers 2 tones 2 volumes

but i am stripping the paint of and leaving it basic wood color and just applying a protection gloss coat over it

i want the body flat not all wavey-contoured kinda like the lp junior

is it possible to make the body flat without doing any other wood work except sanding???
youd have to sand a ****LOAD of wood off. and youd ruin the guitar.

which is why i wish they made a LP with everything the same except it had a LP JR body.
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i dont plan on doing anyhting but keeping this guta for myself

and no it wouldnt be ruined

im experienced with sanding and im pretty sure the guitar would be easy to sand down

BUT the fact that i dont want to do any tough wood work
i just wanna know if the electronics will still fit after i sand it
If you did, you'd have to get some long ass studs for the bridge. Actually, you'd probably have to make them yourself. It's not even worth it.

PinkEdit: In short, yes, you would fuck up your guitar.
theres a rather thick maple top on it. its about 3/4" inch thick at most. Thats alot of rather hard wood to sand off. i would think you would wanna keep it on there. its almost impossible to take it off any other way. so keep it on ther and stain it dark if u want it to look like mahogany.
oh no its definitely not maple

this is a cheap Jay turser LP ive been customizeing for a year ive routed it for a floyd rose put in A duncan LiveWire and dimebucker FRIGGIN AWESOME BTW!!!
i put a jackson style neck its thin and looks like a kramer HAHA
and all thats left is paint and possible body reduction which is what im on now
and i want it to look like the cheap wood it is

i might stain it to look browner though kinda like herman li's guitar but probaly not
this guitar sounds better than my dad's LP studio HAHA and it cost me less so far
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youd have to sand a ****LOAD of wood off. and youd ruin the guitar.

which is why i wish they made a LP with everything the same except it had a LP JR body.

...LP Studio?
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You could take all the hardware off and run it through a planer or thickness sander.
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You'll ruin it. It will also look like junk too, as they probably used fugly wood, especially if it was a solid color. You may also need to adjust the angle of the neck as mentioned and action. Plus adjusting the stuff for where the Floyd sits, the pickup routes, and then you have to pray to god you don't go into the control route. Then getting it even, working it smooth, and just the general time it would take is another badside. Don't do it man.
Seriously? You want to remove the carve? um... why?

Oh, and you'd probably screw it up. Just get a crappy used epi LP, some have flat tops.

But why? It's ugly...

But if you do, post pics (or if you dont)
Just sell it and get a new guitar. You'll probably even get away cheaper, and definately more happy with the result.