alright so i have an ibanez rg1570 and ive had it for about 4 months. from what ive heard ibanez makes some pretty fine guitars, and this one was a little pricey itself so i'd expect it to be pretty good. but i seem to have a problem: it always goes out of tune.

if i touch the tremelo arm and alter the pitch of a note more than 2 steps, it goes out of tune.

if i leave it in its case it goes out of tune.

if i bend it a lot on the higher frets (i found this while trying the enter sandman solo) it goes out of tune.

is there any particular reason it does this, and anything i can do to fix it? i like using the tremelo arm and bending strings, so if this keeps up im going to have to sell the guitar, which i really dont wanna do...
IS it a licensed floyd?
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Are the screws on your nut locked? Is your FR level with the body?

in addition to this it could also be the setup
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Are the screws on your nut locked? Is your FR level with the body?

What he said^^

Also, maybe you should be able to notice things like that before you buy a pricey guitar??? Did it no do that with the tremolo, etc. when you bought it?
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i put lip balm on the nut and bridge. it helps.

^like lube you know? wherever the strings contact the nut or bridge i put lip balm around the strings. i have a squire jagmaster too btw and it stays in tune quite well, maybe a tweak of G and low E sometimes. and i use the whammy bar a bit too so maybe your guitar sucks. haha jk.
well, recently ive noticed the trem wasn't level with the body of the guitar, i plan on getting that fixed ASAP

and the one i tried in the store wasn't the one that i bought, and that one was fine

im going to go get a pickup installed so i'll ask the people at GC to level the tremelo, how much do you think it'd cost? or could it be a DIY?

thanks for the replies guys

edit: also it seems to be the g that goes out of tune the most often, any particular reason why?
flip the guitar over, take off the cover. tighten the two screws in there or add a spring. until the bridge is level.

once it is, itll stay in tune for you

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