Hey whats up my band wants to record live and i was wondering if there's any software out there that can record multiple tracks simultaneously or do i need to get something else for that?
Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Reason, Protools - all will do it. The question is - can your interface do it?
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ye it's not so much the software, as most software will record whatever is being inputted, its the interface you should be worrying about, typically a live recording will involve a mixer plugged into an interface/soundcard and then let the software do the rest. It gets more complicated then that but those are the things you need to be looking at.

what gear do you have?
Why do you want to record live? That is the hardest thing to do as there is so much noise you can't control. Most amatuer live recordings of a band done like that sound like crap. It takes professional setup and gear.

Or do you really just want to record the entire band on some songs to put it on myspace or something? IF so, then you want to record wherever you practice. And for that you can record each person/insturment one at a time with overdubbind and that will give you a much better recording. Or at least it will be quiter if you don't know how to combine the tracks.