This happened a few days ago. One of the most interesting things that has ever happened here.

I think the weirdest/most disgusting part of it is that one of the men was 85 years old. One of them was a teacher, another was a pastor, and another was a city commisioner. It's sad, but one of the guys killed himself.

I thought my neighbor would be one of these people cause he's gay and i've seen him at the park off the trail before, but I guess not.

Has anything like this ever happened where you live?

Any ideas why anyone would have gay sex in the woods in a city park?
our city commisioner got caught being a homo in a bathroom stall. he resigned a few days later and then kiled himself. eventually it was fiound out that he might have been molesting his daughters before.

Man that's creepy.
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why did i click that link? oh god, why....
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lol, oh those crazy homosexuals!
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Our parks are for families. They’re not for this anti-social behavior.

Well, I think it is quite sociable of them, actually.
Wow.......................Just wow
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Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
They are not built nor maintained for sexual activity, be it homosexual activity or heterosexual activity.”

Those guys sort of proved that statement wrong....
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wouldnt that be weird if you saw someone close to you on that list?

Yeah, I can't believe they included full names and adresses.

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