yay! new music nice intro. some timing issues, but once you get into the singing. guitar was very peaceful. the synth sounds really good. what did you use for it? your vocals sound really good this time. i think this my favorite of your vocals. it sounds like you put some reverb on this time. the multi tracked bridge is really nice. you've really proggressed as an artist since i joined
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^thank youuu. oh how you never disappoint me with your crits. haha. FOR SURE timing issues. I don't know what it is, but I have a really hard time focusing to stay on time. hmm. I plugged my keyboard directly into my firepod for the synth. I've never done that before but I thought I would test it out. and yes, I find UG is very helpful for progression when most people don't hesitate to tell you what they don't like. haha someone once told me I sounded as high pitched as sarah silverman singing 'give the jew girl toys.'
nice! i put a new song on my myspace called "understand the times" that you could check out if you felt like it. it only has three tracks and is all acoustic!
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Wow! I usually don't even think about putting music on my myspace from bands I've never even heard of but this was just awesome. Clear and everything. 8/10

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hey, nice recording.

adventurous choice with the whole 'making it your own' thing, it worked for you

well done again

i think for your next recording focus a little on eliminating background noise
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Hi! Crit4crit..

Wow.. I dont even know the original but you did an amazing job with this! Fantastic singing! The song is very relaxing and the playing is great.. I didnt hear "timing issues" so that makes it even better
I wanna listen to the original now, see how much you improved it.. But as far as i know this is one great cover! Well done!

Crit my covers?

^hey, thanks a lot! haha you should definitely check out the original just to see how different it is. I don't think I "improved" it i just toned it down A LOT. I'll crit you back as soon as I get a chance. Thanks again.
I like your voice is sounds sexy. The guitar is well played and clear. I especially enjoyed listening to the harmonies.
Haha your stuff is always great. The guitars sound great. You used a firepod and condenser mic on this, right? Haven't really heard the original but this is great and probably just as good My only thing is the vocals sound weird, wether you put a filter on or whatever it just sounds kinda weird.

Anyway, good ****ing job

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^thank you guys. I totally agree about the "effect" on the vocals...but I don't know what it is. I didn't add any effect. I think my microphone may just be being a little fuzzy or something. I dunno.

can anything make a condenser mic sound bad? Its a Rode NT1A.
What programme are you using to record? And how is it setup to the computer? Thanks fr the crit by the way
Just had a thought, I would love to do an acoustic collab with you of seether and amy lees broken! PM me!
Sounds pretty good. It's funny because i've listened to alot of your songs so I got used to your voice. So allright let me make a little list.

- the guitar sounds good the panning fits the song well. Can't complain there
- your voice sounds well placed in the mix, however I would like to hear you try tos ing a tad loder and clearer but for another song since the smooth apprpoach worked well here.

Pretty good job. I don't know the original song well but I remeber hearing it cause of my friend. My other username is Sumthing Catchy if you remember, mine critting a little demo i did?