or, picking a slide, rather.

I've got an 11/16 socket wrench attachment I'm currently using, but because it dwarfs all of my fingers it's only practical for steel guitar styled playing. Looking to find one to fit my fingers: ring finger is probably the one it'll be used on, though I've also found the slide handy for helping with barre chords.

Basically, I need help with the sizes. did a rough measurement of finger circumference (just need to do some math if you need diameter), index is about 2 1/2, middle's a little less than that. How would that equate for slide size?

Also, in general, what's the best slide material for electric guitar?
um, I've never been one for sizes, try some on, that's the only real way to tell.

For electric most people use Glass, It gives a sweeter smoother tone than metal (think Derek Trucks)

I like Brass, it's very loud and abrasive (think Jack White on Seven Nation Army)

never tried a ceramic one.
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I've also found the slide handy for helping with barre chords.

What do you mean? Don't push strings down to neck with slide because it will trash your frets a lot faster. At least I think sooo....
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no, I don't press it down to the frets. It's just I havent' built the strength up yet to do barre chords properly, and the slide allows for a good barre. across the strings.
I use both brass and antique bottles, size depends on what fits your finger. Both have a different sound, I use whatever I want for the song, but I tend to like the thick brass slide bar better. That's what I started on...well, actually I started with a zippo lighter, but brass was my first real slide bar.

Check around at music stores, resale shops, antique stores and the occasional garage sale, factory made slide bars are $10-20 in music stores, old bottles are usually no more than $1 at resale shops and yard sales. I bought a box of stuf t a local auction for $3 for one small bottle I wanted...the rest will go in a garage sale someday...I've been grabbing every bottle I can find that fits my ring finger for 4 or 5 years, every bottle sounds slightly different and I'm still looking fo4r the best sounding one I can find. Avoid bottles with lots of scratches or high seams, they scrape the strings and don't sound as good, but then again that does have its purposes, Zeppelin's "Hat's off to Roy Harper" used that kind of scratchy slide sound.
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