hey guys. just wondering if anyone would like to hear one of my songs and maybe c4c

here's the link:


any comments would be greatly appreciated
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whats c4c...anyways the guitar sounds nice and the chorus was perfect...as for the overall song...it was ok..not my cup of tea..but the Fills were nicely structured.
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First of all, your guitar's tone is very nice.
Nice fill in right away in the intro.
Nice fills throughout song.
Vocals are very fitting.
I love how the chorus contrasts with the verse's chord progression.

Bridge is beautiful.
Song structure is tight.
Ended sort of abruptly

Maybe change up the ending... make it flow to the end.

Very, very good job. I don't usually have a lack of something to gripe about, but the song was put together well.

Check out "Instrumental" if you would, please. Thanks.
the quality of recording isnt great but u can only record to the level of ur equipment, i would suggest getting better recording gear.

the melody in this song i really nice, i lvoe that chorus, your vocals are a little odd/ off kilter but in a cool kinda way, it maeks them stand out but they arent too harsh.

the guitar work is great, the fills are cool but the ending could so with soem work, BUILD THE TENSION!! seriously dude it justs ends, getter louder towars the end build up the tension ratehr than just plodding along liek u do at the end

the song needs a big finaly... or a big final that ends with a quit little exit, both woudl work and would reaoly amek the song awesome

crit mine?