So this guitar sort of has a story to it but I won't get in to that at the moment. Take a look at the pictures and at least tell me what model it is, maybe how old and hopefully what its worth. Thank you all.

i was hoping more but thats not to bad... its just been sitting around collecting dust. i think the output jack may be bad though and if thats not it, it may be a volume or tone control
What year is it?
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You may be able to get $350. Keyword may. Expect around $300 for it. Nice guitars, built in Japan too IIRC.
$250, that pushing it man. I would say about $100-$150 max
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i'm not sure what year it is... thats why i'm asking you's i'm not even sure what model it is
Yeah probably right around $300 with a total MAX of $400, if the buyer is really exited and bids high
go scallop the frets :P if youhave the right rasp, it takes like 5 min per fret. AND i have never seen a cheap guitar with scallops (except mine, but thats a later story). it could potentially improve the value, depending on who looks at it (hopefully you dont get too many noobs "HOMG DERZ HOLES IN TEH FRETBOARD LOLXXORZ")

go bang it up, is another thing if you really have trouble. it makes people think it was your main axe for many years, and therefore must be good.

you could potentially get a better deal either way, either some n00b bids really high, or someone just develops an emotional attachment to it once they play it and cant let it go.

lol hope my extremely unhelpful ideas helped you out.
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