Poll: what is your phobia?
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Arachnophobia - fear of spiders
69 27%
Claustrophobia - fear of enclosed spaces
19 7%
Apiphobia - fear of bees
19 7%
Nyctophobia - fear of the dark
12 5%
Caulrophobia - fear of clowns
17 7%
Agorophobia - fear of open or crowded (markets, city streets, ect) spaces
7 3%
Altophobia - fear of heights
38 15%
Hydrophobia - fear of water
6 2%
Automysophobia / Pathophobia - fear of being dirty / fear of disease
12 5%
other (specify)
61 23%
Voters: 260.
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I don't know about anyone else but I have a horrible fear of bees.

I am not joking,
I almost cried a few weeks ago when a bee started hovering in front of my face.

Do you know when the last time I cried was?

Yeah exactly me neither it has been that long.

I am curious,
what phobia is most present here on ug?

So I have decided to make a poll.

I have tried to list the most common
(to my knowledge)
so if I miss something let me know.

And for the purpose of saving space I have included fear of disease and fear of being dirty as the same option.

I have seen all the phobia threads but no one
(to my knowledge)
has tried to see what phobia is most common on ug.
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absolutely none. i've tried suicide multiple times, and i enjoy pain, so theres really nothing that scares me, cause i like get hurt, and i'd rather be dead. other than those two things, what is there to be afraid of?
search bar einstein...
like i just saw the other thread
and im afraid of bees for like no reason
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eye pain. like poking an eye is gory to me. also spiders and little insects. like when i'm pissed off, i'll smash them, but sometimes, it's just creepy, the way they move and their so small and squirming around and moving so fast. also i'm a little anxious with heights. i'm getting better at it though by going on small rollercoasters but still. also being embarassed in public. like if ppl laugh then is ok, but when ppl start hating me, and stuff, thats like my worst fear thats why i'm so shy sometimes. i have a fear of rejection. but sometimes i just don't are about my phobias, and i just think of the nike slogan, just do it, and i just do it without even thinking. like i need to take a shower, i see mosquitos on every corner waiting for me to strip down and get in so they can bite me, but i'm too scared, i lok at the clock and say **** it, i jiust do it and quickly get out.
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It's not as bad as a phobia, but I can't look people in the eyes. Not just for a long time either but just a couple of seconds will bother me.
Spiders really don't bother me. I mean if a really big one just dropped onto my head I wouldn't enjoy it but I wouldn't freak out or anything. In fact my dad took the vent of my wall when he was painting it AGES ago and still hasn't got round to replacing it and I regularly see very big spiders crawling around it. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. My brother on the other hand is scared to death of them. Seriously it is hilarious to watch when he sees one he just looks terrified.

I am not really afraid of anything on that list. Of course I don't like being in small places but I'm not scared of it. Same with heights. I'd be really scared it I was on the edge of a really high drop with no protection but I wouldn't hesitate at the chance of bungee jumping or anything like that.

I dunno what I have a phobia of really. I mean I'd be scared if there was a huge snake in my bedroom but who wouldn't be? I guess I'll have to go with cockroaches. I hate having them anywhere near me.
I have haphephobia. I'm not afraid of touching people; I just really avoid it. I get chills when I come into contact with most people, especially if I'm not expecting it.
i get this wierd feeling when im sick that makes me afraid of chairs and having to push them. The folding kind of chairs. Grey folding chairs. uugghhhoh
Where is your option for "none" ?
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I hate large empty spaces. I freak out and start shaking whenever I find myself in one. I guess that's called astrophobic. I also I have a raw meat phobia and wouldn't go close to the butcher at my local grocery store. Once my mom placed a raw hamburger in my hand so I could help with dinner and I freaked out and almost cried.
Oh noes!
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Where is your option for "none" ?

I know,
I just thought of that about five minutes ago but there is no room.
extremely annoyed by clowns but not a phobia
I have arachnophobia. I can't even be with in ten feet of a spider without wimpering and almost pissing my pants. I ****ing hate spiders. Now talking about phobias I want to find the list of phobias. Some of them are hilarious like fear of penut butter getting stuck on the roof of your mouth, fear of things on the right side of you, and fear of ducks.

Edit: Check out this site http://phobialist.com/
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i have a fear of big open spaces. not sure if its a phobia though.

Yeah it is. There's a phobia for almost everything.
My BIGGEST phobia is needles.
Scare the living **** outta me. *starts singing along to 'Teenagers'* *looks around* Oh. *stops singing*
I can't stand any pointy objects. Earings make me convulse and sometimes get panic attacks. It's insane.

But flying insects are my second phobia.
Bee's make me cry and stuff. it's sad.
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I HATE wasps and clowns...Both stemming from when I was younger, when I was like three my cousin dared me to look into this tiny hole in this laundry pole, why the hell not? I look in and there is this HUGE wasp in there, it considers me, and just launches itself at my eye. As for clowns, I saw the movie It (I'm almost done with the book right now) and it freaked me the **** out.
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I have a lot of phobias...heights, flying insects, tight spaces, open areas, being under large structures in fear of them breaking and crushing me, being in contact with most animals, being in an area with plants and trees close to me (like forests and greenhouses), fear of things crawling on me (could be anything from bugs to a rat), fear of the ocean...I think that's all.

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
other, just cuz none of those fit me... i dont know what i am
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Needles a bit and Clowns. Apart from that you can shove me in a box and i'll survive 12 hours in it but for a cost * giggles*
It's not on the list, but I'm a major xenophobe.

In real life, I cannot talk to someone I don't know. Whether it's in a store, or getting gas, or fast food, I can't do it. I need someone to do it for me.

I just seize up and start sweating whenever I see someone I don't know.

School and shopping freak me out.

It's crippling, and has lead to a very very lonely life
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i have a search bar phobia, thats why i got banned for spamming lol, no im serious, but really i have no phobia, mabe i phobia of people touchin my guitar, does that count?
i wonder wat its like to have erectophobia haha
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Of those on that list, I'm most afraid of the dark. Not really like "oh I turned my lights off to go to bed, now I'm screwed, the boogie man is coming to get me" but if it's pitch black and I'm walking down into my basement I'll feel a little scared, I know there's nothing there, it's just natural for me to feel freaked out I guess.
this may sound crazy, but i killed my mom's pet bird and buried it in our backyard and told her it must have ran away. I'm dead sickly scared of birds, I always freak out and almost cry when they come swooping near me even though they are like 30 yards from nailing my face. But i'm more scared thinking that they'll all someday come up and pluck my eyeballs out or something. So to this day, when i'm not snowboarding, biking, or playing guitar, i'm out on my porch killing all the birds my bb gun's scope can get an eye on.
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