im just getting into fingerstyle, well not JUST getting into it but getting more serious about it. are there any exercises i can do to get myself more in sync and get my right hand... i guess better? haha, and my left hand as well. i guess just playing is the obvious one, but i do that a lot. i play mostly electric guitar and take that seriously, and i have a practice schedule and i play for fun. i would like to have a similiar schedule with playing acoustic.

btw. i like to listen to tony emmanuel and andy mckee.

especially with andy mckee, he has a lot of cool percussive right hand techniques and stuff, is there anyway i can learn about these techniques?
you can learn more about andy mckees r/h percussive stuff by doing a search on his forum www.andymckee.com he has already repsonded o many question about this topic