What Anti-Virus/Spyware program do you use. And how does it defend against attacks?

Well since kaspersky blacklisted all cracked keys, i currently use Avira Anti-Virus, it also blocks trojans/worms/malware. But if it catches a wep virus it keeps warning you until you CTRL+ALT+Delete the page closed to prevent the attack.
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I just use Norton 2006 i heard bad reviews but i've never had any problems.
AVG Free Antivirus
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AVG Free Antivirus
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since i duel boot i best to tell both

for XP: zone alarm security suite, it does the job nicely

and for vista: i just use windows firewall and and anti virus and such cuz i'm too lazy to download vista versons of things.. lol but i pretty much try to shortcut everything from my xp to vista.
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What browser are you using? I suggest you use firefox and download the adblock plus and no script ad-ons to stop malicious scripts, seriously my computer is fine and I have no antivirus or anti-spyware. Just lay off the porn sites.
I use norton antivirus 2007, its pretty much awesome.

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I tried a bunch of trial downloads

NOD32 - Nice overall...stays quiet, doesnt slow the computer down much at all, easy interface.
CA - ok layout, easy to figure out, slows the computer down a little
kaspersky - easy to use, doesn't slow the computer too much
Norton - WORST EVER.....and most people know it...
Mcafee - Slows the computer down quite a bit at startup and the interface is hard to understand IMO but it does work.

Overall I like NOD32 the best and I would spend the money on it

Currently I'm using a paid version of Mcafee internet security 07.
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lol @ the noobs who use nortons.

agreed, No one relises how easy this program is to kill
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it didn't blacklist mine...

so kaspervsky
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best anti virus ever
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cyclobs you are demented..... in a good way
Avira AntiVir... best one i've found for XP so far.
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better than any other one i've tried so far.
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