Does anyone know a site with intrustions on how to add an external speaker jack or a line out jack on to the epiphone valve junior? ive looked on most of the sites and they dont have this mod help??
..What do you mean?
I'm assuming you're talking about the combo. There's already a 4 ohm output jack on the back of the amp for speakers. Also, if you need 8 ohms, you can simply open up the amp and solder and ground a jack to the 8 ohm section on the OT. If you need 16 ohms, you're gonna have to replace the OT.

Unless you mean you want a line out jack as in for headphones?
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I thinks he wants an additional output jack on the vj head if im not mistaken, sorry cant help you.
yeah i meant for the combo to add a cab net but it alreaddy has one? as rafarquhar indicated thanks.... if thats right, i mean line out for recording know what i mean ????? anyhelp?
Have you looked round the back of it? It's got a jack for a four ohm cab right there. If you open it up, there's an unused red tap off the OT for an eight ohm, too.

If you mean a line out for recording, that'd be kinda hard. You'd need to wire a jack so that it can take the preamp's output, and provide an appropriate load to the PT. I'd say just mic it, it's easier.
yeah sounds hard well i figured meh im just goign to buy the head and cabinet instead of buy the combo. because ive been told the head and cabinet sound much nicer and aint that much mroe expansive in AUS only 460 for both anyone got any sugestions on tube changes ?? whats give the amp better soun apartly the stock ones are Krap?