Our guitarists and bassist can play a lot, but most PJ songs I've looked at seem somewhat hard, so what are some of the easier ones? Also a link to their tabs or GP would be good.
Well, I mean I'm sure we can learn them if we applied the time (like we did to The Trooper). I'm just thinking something more along the lines of not taking too long =p
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dude wtf if you can play the trooper you can play the entire pearl jam catalog.

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indifference is so easy that you need 5 mins to master it, you have some natural harmonics and very few guitar notes in it, and drummer doesn't have to do anything at all, so this is pearl jam song for you to play if you are lame to learn another one hehe. But I encourage you to try some others Pearl Jam songs , cos Stone and Mike are very inspirative and sucha great musicians, and one can learn a lot from playing some of their stuff.
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