im considering buying this used guitar but neither i nor my cousin the owner knows value or anything about guitar its a peavy i think either g or 9 ninety its a little banged up and i cant even plug into an amp to hear sound, although if its not worth that much i may buy it anyway, my concern is i cant listen to it, anyway, what is the used value of this guitar
If it's pretty banged up and cant be played through an amp. And you don't even know the price value, i'd go with a simple NO.
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well i dont care about its banged up, all i know is that it works, its my cousin so i trust him

edit: it cant be played thru amp cause i dont got one
you guys are missing a point, i want to know what its worth, ill get a amp when i find its worth, and find out if he will even sell it for its worth, its an old guitar and i dont even think they make them anymore, none on ebay or guitar center
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if its a used peavey its probably around 100-200 anymore and dont buy it
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$0.01 and 1/2

lol i suppose i just wont buy it, im just gonna get a 360, apparently it was custom built and when he said he would cut me a good deal, his gf who's dad custom built it said a good deal would be 250, to much for my tastes. to bad i really wanted a guitar to learn to shred on, guese ill just have to keep on practicing on my little old gibson