I have a gisbon SG faded, and I have my strings off, and ive been trying to get this pickup cover to fit my bridge pup. The actually cover is very snug on my pickup, but I still plan on potting it.

But anywayz, the pickguard is a little too tight. Im thinking maybe some course sandpaper rubbed around the edges to shave some space might be the best way to go. I could only find some 150 grit sandpaper in my house and it didnt really do much of anything. But maybe some coarser sandpaper might work.

If I could get my hand on a dremel maybe I could save some off, but I would also be worried about messing it up with a dremel. Any ideas or suggestions? thanks
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Well, plastic/nylon won't screw up your Dremel. But, coarser sandpaper might take too much off.
Use a dremel. I've done major routing with a dremel, as well as plastic work. It will be fine. You'll just need to be careful and take your time. An extension would be a good idea, as they give you a lot more control. I wouldn't use sand paper, as its possible it could crack it