hmmm. i don't listen to Led Zeppelin so I am not familiar with the song...but the tone of the guitar isn't very attractive to listen to. some parts sound out of tune to me and i dunno...its hard to "crit" it because of how the guitar sounds. I am not trying to sound harsh at all...and i really appreciate the crit. i'm just not sure what to say besides complaining about the tone.
Agreed, the guitar is somewhat out of tune, perhaps one of the lower strings?

the playing seems solid enough, give that guitar a little tune up
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my god what were u recording with? not to be an ass but that sounded horrible thats more than bad strings
Holy ****! 4 months! Sound recorder! This is the worst news ever!
A. Get new strings.
B. Put them on.
D. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Never. Use 'Sound Recorder'.
E. Live a happy life.
Sorry, but even looking past the horrible quality of the recording, the playing is not very good. It doesn't even sound like Houses of the Holy. You need to listen to the song and get the rhythm down before just playing some random tab you found online.