I'm sick of little n00bs calling like a noname brand a Strat or Tele what was Fender thinking?? Why didn't they not only copyright the headstock but the body aswell??
i think they have copyright. thats why other companies can't call their guitars "strat" or "tele". but i don't think there are restrictions on the shapes itself... i haven't seen too many strat copies, but they seem to be a bit different in shapes.
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People can call their **** whatever they want.
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slightly different by mere centimeters.

Whatever though, my Washburn Target mart strat may be a piece of crap.

But in the right hands it works the same magic as the more expensive guitars.
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Copyrights expire after a certain amount of time I think (I may be thinking of patents)
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People can call their **** whatever they want.

And they can get sued for it too. That's why Fender changed the name of the Broadcaster. Gretsch already had a drumset called the Broadcaster.

If you alter the dimensions even slightly, then it's not the same body.
Yeah but as fender said there is only one Stratocaster there is no such thing as a strat copy so dont call it that. I just wish fender would have been able to do it someway.
It's those companys that make people think the strat body shape is just a regular guitar because so many ar*e holes sell guitars with action 6 inches off the fret board that looks like a strat so any noob who thinks he knows anything says he has a strat but when someone plays it it's really a piece of shi* with slide guitar action and neck.
The stats shape has no doubt become pretty much the standard shape in electrics. Its too late to patent it now anyways.
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I'm sure they have copyrights, they just don't haul off and sue everyone like Gibson does.
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The body shape is a "patented" thing and that time runs out eventually. The names strat and tele are"copyrighted," that runs out over time but can be renewed.
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I, for one, like that they aren't freaking out about the shape of other companies' guitars. It's nice for once to see a company that isn't worried about monopolizing the entire line of their products. Imagine if Fender was about guitar shapes the same way that Metallica acts about stealing music. The industry itself would be completely different.
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because they're not gay like gibson and know that no ripoff is going to be as good?
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True that
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if you look closely, Ibanez guitars and others that have Strat-Style bodies have a slightly wider bottom end (the long part that you rest the guitar on [it has the strap nut on it]). but i agree completely with every1 Fender should sue them they copy the general design of a strat, but make it ****ier, and then sell it for twice the price. I dislike my squier strat, but atleast i can call it a true strat.
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The stats shape has no doubt become pretty much the standard shape in electrics. Its too late to patent it now anyways.

Holy crap! I think you are the first person to sig me ever!

Anyways, who gives a crap what somone calls their guitar? When people ask me what guitar I have I don't say "I have a Cort SP-3 Special series". No, I say "I have a Cort strat copy" so they actually know what the hell I'm talking about.
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So it's just that Fender doesn't sue people? Because the Les Paul style was invented around the same time as the Strat [early 50s] and PRS couldn't sell their Singlecuts for like seven years because they were too much like the Les Paul shape [honestly, I think they're nothing like them, other than having only one cut.]
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YES they do! at least in singapore we do......
The details behind the Gibson/PRS case are kind of funny. Really, take a look at the list of companies that make Les Paul shape guitars...it's rather long, a lot like the companies that make Strat shape guitars. So Gibson goes and files against PRS. Why? I feel they saw that PRS was making a better product in the same price range. In the lower price markets, Gibson has it's own product (Epiphone) that does quite well against competitors, but the PRS Singlecut has been giving the Gibson Les Paul a pretty decent run in that price range. Gibson tried to argue that in a "smokey club", a person couldn't tell the difference between a PRS and a Gibson. So the judge asks "when a person goes to buy one, can they tell the difference?" The council for Gibson states "oh yeah, no one could mix up the copy and the real deal." The judge simply stated "well, there's your answer." Gibson shot itself in the foot on that one.

As far as the Strat and Tele (as well as other Fender guitars), I do believe the headstock shape is a registered trademark. I don't think the body shapes are registered though.
You can copy body shapes usually but not headstocks. Once you copy headstocks prepare to get sued. Look at what happened with the old Ibanez law suit guitars.
^+1 Headstocks are copyrighted. That's why Epiphones have different headstocks than Gibsons.


im glad the shape isnt copyrighted
i cant afford an actual strat
some of us dont have very much money
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What about the headstock of Spirit Guitars under Baldwin?They have the same headstocks like Gibsons
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