Okay, so I just thought this up during my zoning out during Humanities class...

What is the key difference between Super Strength and Super Speed? If one had super strength, wouldn't that also mean they inherently have super speed because their legs are super strong?
But to be able to move really fast. wouldn't they also have super strength to do it with?

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Not necessarily, being able to move your legs fast means you have strong legs but are able to move your legs very fast, i can only squat about 180lbs and i run about a 10.8 or so in the 100m dash, and thats realistically so, if you do have super strength i supposed that you could run fast to a point but super speed is much more then leg strength like i said ability to move your legs fast.

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You could think of it as a power vs. strength sorta thing, where super speed is more related to power.
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If you punch a wall with super speed, you could reach the same PSI (pounds per square inch) as one with super strength, but with strength comes stamina; The one with super speed would more then likely break the bones in his arm into splinters.
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I always assumed super speed had super reflexes to go with it... I think that plays a key roll in controling that power...
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