I have been listening to a lot of Kings of Leon lately and they are becoming one of my favorite bands. I want to start a band and play stuff like them. So I was wondering what kind of effects I should get to mimmick their sound. I'm about to purchase an Epiphone Sheraton II and I play through a Marshall DSL401 with reverb. I know they use a lot of reverb so Ill probably get another reverb pedal. So what pedals should I get and also does anyone know which Matchless amp Caleb uses?
hate to be a +1.. but i saw them in minneapolis the night that bridge went down.

i dont think i saw any pedals.. though to be honest i didnt look

i was too interested in their microKorg (cause i also have one)
TBH I dont think they use that many pedals.

Its just a dirty Overdriven tone, nothing too hard to accomplish, you should get somewhat near with your DSL, but it wont get it that close.

I think the only thing you may want is a nice OD to add a slight different tone of OD if you want to change without changing your amp's settings. Reverb is already on the amp (I think it is anyway) which they use in a few songs.
I think I saw one of them using an OCD in one of their videos. i dunno if they still use it though.
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i know the guitarist uses a route 66 overdrive and compressor, and a crybaby of some sort.

To hippie_cune, i've got one as well and they're probably the coolest things ever made, playing on call on it is so fun!
Lead guitarist uses an 80's sheraton through a ampeg reverb rocket. To sound like their newer stuff you'll need a lot of reverb/echo