A good buddy of mine who is kinda of a novice at guitar bought a ibanez afs75-bk about a year or so ago.He asked if i had anything i wanted to trade. i told him i had a epi Sg *special* that i put some better tuners and rewired is. he said its a deal. we have yet to actually exchange but i think this is a badass deal... i mean for his needs its what he wants he didnt like the afs75-bk too much..... i might keep the afs75-bk or mabey trade it on something im not too into hollow body. mabey get a epi g400
save up for a real guitar

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wow your a pathetic f*cking tool...guesse what idiot. Its called not everyone can afford that kinda gear. I think you need to check your self.
It'd be a deal if you told us how much you spent on the p-ups and how much time you spent rewiring it.

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Some cruddy classical that my parents bought off ebay for like 40 bucks.
it was all free. i had all the pickups laying around , there not super awsome pickups i had gotten them out of a stock gib lp but they sound alot better.
what about the tunners?
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oh yea the tuners came off a epi lespaul custom a friend replaced them and gave me the old ones. not Awsome tuners but better than what was there they arnt as loos as the stock