Most of my stuff is about love or cheesy **** like that, so I thought Id post something a ittle different......

Your eyes are beautiful
Your hair is so soft
Every curve is wonderful
Youre perfect I thought

I picked you up where I
Always knew you would be
I gave you a little
kiss on the cheek

Ill bring the love glove if you bring the wine
I promise ill be more gentle this time
The kids are gone the yard guy wont hear a thing
Just turn the music up and try not to scream

Im like a sailor
Ive been gone for too long
About to pop
Im ready to get it on
Pour me a glass lets
Get this show on the road
I jump right in
My horses I could not hold

That’s gunna bruise
Im really sorry my bad
You said make it rough
I thought you liked it like that
Your skin is smooth
Like a babies bare ass
Try not to move
While I pour the hot wax


Ive got a problem
Baby please bear with me
Im out of cash
with which to pay completely
Just get me to an
ATM we’ll be fine
But can we take your car
Theres no gas in mine

Your eyes are beautiful
Your hair is so soft
But I think youre pissed at me
You’re calling the cops
Screaming rape into the
Receivers end
Oh god my kids are home
And a ho is in the den


I didn’t get any
Not even one day
Her sole custody
Took my kids away
Ive got no reason to live
I might as well die
But I think Ill call that bitch
Just one more time
"One good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain."
~ Bob Marley