So yeah... the song is only 1:35 and the intro is a tad lengthy. But for some reason it just feels complete, so I don't think I'll be adding to it. Maybe just altering the drum track. My friend told me it should be battle music to a hack and slash video game.

This was made in GPro5, however, I made good use of the RSE and dynamics/settings to make it seem fairly real. I hope you enjoy.

It's "Instrumental" in my profile.

Any and all constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged. And of course, C4C. Just leave me a link, please. Thanks!

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I liked it a lot. The intro is very Tool/Perfect Circle-ish with an obvious middle eastern feel to it. There's a part in the intro between 19 and 20 seconds in where you do a trill that I don't think fits. I thought the heavy riff and drums were excellent. Though, if you can do any mixing, the snare is a tad too loud I feel. It's kinda short but I'm with you that it just feels complete. Maybe cut the drums and heavy rhythm out and allow that solo harmony to carry it into a quieter verse section? Well done in any case.

awesome....middle eastern track......i think its def. go teh tool influence as someon pointed out....but it was really nice.....interestin to lsiten to.....had a nice dynamci sound....so the listener doesnt get bored....really loved it....teh mix was really good....!!!!...almost pro quality......this is def. something I wanna come back adn listen again....killer track .....PEAC EOUT
Thanks for the positive feeback and suggestions, guys. Yeah... Tool is definitely a heavy influence on my music. Anyhow, I'm heading home for the weekend from school later tonight and it's an extended vacation. So... If I don't crit you back by tonight, it won't be until Tuesday night. Sorry.

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I like it at the start, toolish kinda sound yeah. The distorted sections guitar sounded a little processed and choppy, but I guess that was intended?
I like the sound of it a lot, any plans for vocals?
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that sounded good, especially for guitar pro (do you ahve the rse expansion pacs with teh 3 band e.q and am models)
i really liked the lead line on the outro, althugh it souded as though it could go into a chorus after that, which would then open teh door for a next verse etc, and youd tehnhave a song of nomal length
the intro was cool, very foreboding sound, kinda reminds me of E5210 by black sabbath. It was overall good but what got me the most is when it goes into the heavy riffage, that is a very cool riff. i have to admit i tried playing along to it (It's in E minor right?)