Poll: How often do you change your strings?
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1 1%
Every few days
1 1%
1 1%
Every few weeks
17 21%
Monthly or more
61 74%
Voters: 82.
I've, for the past week, been stuck in a rut. I had no motivation to pick up my guitar and no feeling of joy when I played. Then I decided to replace my strings a few hours ago and suddenly I cant put the ****ing thing down.

So, how often does UG change its strings on its guitars and basses?
Daily shouldn't be an option. That's just complete idiocy.

For me, it's about every three weeks on my Fender and every month and a half on my Ibanez.
I used to put new bass strings on every 2 or 3 months, now its like once every 6 months. For guitar I would put new strings on every time I broke a string.
New bass strings every month. I probably won't need to as often now I've left my band, but when I'm actively gigging I often find myself needing to even more often than that.

On my acoustic, every two weeks. Never snapped one yet.
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Whenever I feel like it really... Usually about once every month or so, but I don't really play that much.
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I have owned my guitar for 2 years and i havent changed the strings once
Quote by Crepe
I have owned my guitar for 2 years and i havent changed the strings once

I bet the strings feel oh so lovely too, and probably don't sound so good.
If you change your strings every day, you seriously are a bit loco.

About once every year and a half. The last time I changed my strings was well over a year ago. Maybe in the summer of 2005.
Months. I don't like the hassle, and my strings are fine for a long time.
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Not often on the electrics because my band is all acoustic now, but every 2 - months on the acoustics.
it really depends. i play several guitars. if i play on one more often, monthly. if i go between my strat and tele and a couple ibanezes and acoutics... before i do a gig, which may be two or three months in between. it really depends. plus, the strings on my strat last longer (11's), but the 9's on my tele and 10's on my ibanezes... not so much.

oh, and on the ones with floyds - i usually wait about as long as i can stand it. i hate restringing a damn floyd.
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Quote by makuserusukotto
ever 5-6 days on my main guitar
ever 2-ish weeks on my others

unless your heavily gigging thats ridiculous
EDIT: nah thats ridiculous anyways
and i usually change em every month or so.
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every two to three weeks
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Quote by LaGrange
unless your heavily gigging thats ridiculous

no, but i play about 9 hours a day, and after a few there just so corroded and pitted i cant stand it
i change them when they brake or they lose there tone.

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every time i break one it gets changed. which has been twice now and ive had my guitar for almost 2 years. i dont play much though. maybe only 5-6 hours a week. therefore they dont really need to be changed that often at all
I change every few weeks, I like how new strings feel and sound, I have a JS1000 and an ESP Xplorer, I've never broken a string on either guitar..and it stays in tune on the js, always
Every guitarist should change their strings every 10 hours..after that they start falling out of tune and the worst part of that is the player gets used to playing out of tune..so change your strings every 10 hours you play

bassist should change every 3-6 months..i change every 5
I change every 2 ish months on my acoustics which are what I mainly play. Electric I've had for three years and I've only changed the strings twice, but I rarely play it to begin with.
Quote by Aqua Dementia
I used to put new bass strings on every 2 or 3 months, now its like once every 6 months. For guitar I would put new strings on every time I broke a string.

the bass player in my band hasnt changed his strings for 8 years
I just change mine whenever they break, or if they start to feel like ****.
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I only change strings when a string breaks, and even then just the string that breaks.
I really should change the strings...
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I haven't change mine since 2005.
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Every monthish for my guitars.

Every 3-4 months for my bass.
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every couple of months. matter of fact i bought a new set yesterday and you just reminded me to change them. thankyou TS
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i chose every few weeks, but on my jackson it's more like every few months.. i can never be bothered with the floyd and stuff :/