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line 6
6 13%
43 90%
Voters: 48.
well goin out to get a practice amp cause i really dont wanna use my 100 watt for practice, way too bulky.

so ive decided on getting a line 6 spider 3,

but on the otherhand i hear the VOX's are better and for just about the same price.

any opinions?
Whats your 100 watt amp?
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which vox? ac30? hell yea. ad15? i guess.
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yes get a vox, much better than line 6
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I listened to a Vox Valvetronix at a guitar shop my friend works at. I must say I was quite pleased. It was a pretty good practice amp. I'd definitely recommend it over the Spider. The Valvetronix has some neat effects as well so don't think you're missing out there.

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alright vox it is!

thnx guys,

oh btw, the 100 watt half stack is a b-52 cab and a krank head.

too cheap to buy the matching cab
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wow they upgraded from the terrible spider 2 model?

yea, like more than a year ago!
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get a vox AD-50VT-XL i tryed one the other day and it was awesome
or 50 watt
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Don't forget the Vox XL. Very interested to know how that shapes up. More for metal said to rival the Roland Cube......
tiny terror? you already have a cab, but if you are a metal guy as i suspect so it won't do anything modern without an OD, and even then there are better option. if you play 80's thrash kinda stuff and lower gain then a TT would be awesome switchable between 7 and 15 watts, with a 412 it could handle small gigs as well as practice.

what's your budget?
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Which do you like? I prefer the Vox, but the IIIs aren't bad if you sit down and play with them, rather then plug them in for 30 seconds at Guitar Center and write them off as crap.
For metal I would say 1. Roland 2. Spider 3. Vox

for a little bit of everything it would be 1. Roland 2. Vox 3. spider
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